Dear Natalie, I would like to thank you for your outstanding professionalism and resolve throughout the sale of my residence.

When I hired you on as my realtor we had no idea the challenges that would be set before us to get the sale of the house completed. You were the driving force that made the sale possible. Than you again for everything.

Susan F.

We moved to Orange County from the East Coast knowing not where anything was. I contacted several realtors from Maryland and Natalie responded immediately offering to start looking for me so when I arrived we could hit the ground running. I had some pretty specific requirements – she said, “No problem, we’ll find some place you are comfortable in, don’t worry.” As soon as I met Natalie, I knew I would not have to worry.

Natalie is nothing short of awesome! She held my hand through every process, checked in on me after I moved and then helped me again once I had settled into OC a bit and found myself drawn closer to the ocean. Any question we had, we’d receive an incredibly detailed and informative response, and we’d learn way more than we would have in the hours we’d spend online trying to figure it out for ourselves.

What we appreciate most about Natalie is she is 100% authentic and always had our best interest at heart. I know I can always trust Natalie to help keep me level-headed and focused what I am truly looking for in a home.

Thanks to Natalie, we are now living in a gorgeous condo and couldn’t be happier. We hope not to have to move anytime soon – but if we do, I know exactly who to call! And you should too!

Joanne Z.

Natalie is a great agent! She was caring and attentive; she listened to what we wanted and helped us sell our condo and then found us the perfect new home for our needs. Almost a year later, we can call her with questions and she’s right there with an answer. I would recommend her to anyone.

Karen H.

Natalie helped me find the perfect starter house at the end of 2011. She walked me through each step of the process and made it about as easy as I can imagine. I thought so highly of her as an agent that I used her as my listing agent when I sold the house early in 2016. She helped me to list the house at the right price and market appropriately to attract solid potential buyers. She understands the appropriate amount of communication necessary to give a client enough information without completely overwhelming them. I am extremely happy with the experience I have had with Natalie and will continue to use her services in the future!

Nolan B.

I recently hired Natalie to sell my home of 21 years in the midst of a very difficult situation. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and professional, she is also caring and made the whole process easier than I had ever imagined it could be. Natalie worked very hard for me, was always available day or night for any concerns or questions I had no matter how small, and in the end I received an offer I was thrilled with! She was truly a blessing to me during this very difficult time and made the task of selling my home bearable. To be able to pretty much hand over this process to someone and know wholeheartedly that you are in the best hands and it is one less thing you have to be constantly worrying about is priceless! Natalie is the best!

Tina L.

My experience working with Natalie has been nothing short of fantastic. She was professional, very detail oriented and organized as well as great with communication and follow up. She understood exactly what I was looking for and what all my priorities were, and she was able to accommodate me in every way possible. She even worked with me and my prior landlord to get out of my previous lease, which was completely unnecessary but a huge help! As a first time homeowner, Natalie explained everything in ways that made perfect sense and made me very comfortable throughout the entire process. I would strongly recommend and refer Natalie to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home, she was a tremendous help and I couldn’t be happier with the home she helped me find!

Lauren J.

I’ve known Natalie for many years so when it came time to move back to CA, it was a no-brainer to ask for her help! Not only was I searching from across the country but as a first time homebuyer, I required some extra handholding. Natalie took the time to explain every process, offering suggestions and alternatives along the way so that I was comfortable with each step. And never once was she exasperated when I asked her to explain something again. 🙂 Going through this process long-distance required some extra effort and coordination but not a single request was met with anything other than “No problem!” I anticipated the process to be extremely challenging and when it turned out easier than I had anticipated, I realized that I have Natalie’s expertise to thank for that. We faced a few hurdles along the way and when my reaction would have been to panic, Natalie was right there with a short list of possible solutions. Natalie truly went above and beyond to ensure that my family found a home that we loved, in a great neighborhood, within our budget and I am very grateful for that.

Erinn K.